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New online casinos
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New Online Casino 2014 – New online casinos in 2014, will open all the time on the Internet, as many of you may know. Some of you may not, because the general premise is, it would not be hard to find a successful new online casino to open? The answer is clearly yes, it is extremely difficult to start a successful new casino site, but that does not mean hordes of people from getting to try. There are literally some of the best online casinos 2014 new appear online every week, some special topics, some glitzy and glamorous and some downright ugly. In gambling news you see started many new Internet casinos, but most do not ever take off. Look for the best online casinos in your respective country our top guide to online casino United States, Australia online casinos and best online casino Canada free. Here you will find the best online casinos and play new from 2014 to in your respective country.
How we chose the best new online casinos

To determine the best new online casino for 2014, we did not throw a set of names in a hat and hope for the best. Instead questioned everything we to greet the software bonuses to customer service. We played, deposited, cashed out, dealt with customer support, and interacts with safety.

We have achieved performance of the website in each category to the totals tallied and ranked. Here is a look, we have what criteria us. In 2014 for the new online casino rating system

Sign-up process and security – We know players prefer safe, no-nonsense registration processes. The sites that we recommend, have streamlined their secure login process, so you get faster in the game.
Deposit Options – No one likes to jump through hoops just to get $ 50 to throw into their online casino account. The sites that we recommend have practically covered all payment option including credit cards, Neteller, Wire Transfer, and much more.
Withdrawal times – help Some casinos, in your account at record speed to get money, but when it comes to payment of your winnings, they take their time. This is not the case with our top picks for 2014 best new online casinos. Everyone we recommend faster than expected in the hands got our money.
Software Quality – We look at everything from the lobby layout for navigation and usability. There is nothing worse than being lost in the new online casino software. Game design is an incredibly important factor, especially for new casino players.
Game Variety – Software layout does not mean a thing if the game variety is not there. Fortunately, our eclectic assortment of table games, slot machines and video poker. In fact, the best new internet gambling sites for 2014 offer the largest variety of entertainment – some up to 500 games.
Customer Service – Our selection have dedicated 24/7 support team, so they are always willing to help no matter what time you play in your new online casino.

New Casino FAQ
Review casinos How can I the good online casinos from the bad?

There are many ways to find out whether the latest online casino sites are for the long haul or just fly-by-night sites. A dead giveaway is if a website has contact details accessible. The good ones keep their contact information on their website, so you. Immediate access to telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and live chat The bad? They keep their contact info buried.
Not all bonuses listed in your picks premiums are the same. How come?

Bonuses are only one factor in determining how a new internet casino is ranked. And while some bonuses may appear to be larger than others, the terms and conditions of each bonus can be different from place to place. So a seemingly big bonus could in fact the same as a bonus, that about one-tenth the size is weighted.
Rankings Are your new online casino rankings only for real money players?

No. While our search criteria to weigh the important things such as payment processing, we at game selection, software quality and customer service. Spent In fact, 30% of our test process as a non-depositor. This means that we are looking to play on things like customer service from the lens of someone who just wants free.
Payments What is a disbursement quota?

This is basically the amount of money that a site pays for the players. So if an online casino is new has a payout ratio of 97%, they will pay 97 cents for every $ 1 collected. These figures are audited by independent bodies such as eCOGRA.
Complaints I’ve read complaints on the internet about certain new online casinos. Should I believe them?

Sometimes, yes. But the truth is that 99% of people usually use forums about a product, complain a service or a business. Rarely, people go out of their way to say how much fun they have or how much they love the product. This happens in the social media, like on Facebook, but on random pages write, not so much. That’s why independent review sites such as our new casino review guide is so important. We separate the good from the bad to you websites that you can bring into play confidently.

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